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[05.10.18] Over Now: Sixers Season Ends In Gave Five Loss To Celtics


Here is where you find the Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast.

[05.10.18] Over Now: Sixers Season Ends In Gave Five Loss To Celtics

Brett Eskin

Now we remember what it's like to lose. The Sixers looked like they might get blown out as the first half ended, but they TJd, Joel'd and Dario'd their way back into the game. It wasn't enough and the first Process Playoff run ended. We talked about what went wrong and right in the series. 

We'll do a season in review this weekend, and see you at the Lottery Party.

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The Lottery Party tees are still available here. 

The Lottery Party schedule is SET. There's a timeline right here. 

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