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The Lottery Party is upon, and the dream is being realized... a Lottery Party and the playoffs in the same year. This is not just a party for the NBA Lottery anymore, it's our biggest annual gathering, and a celebration of a community that has caused more (harmless) ruckus than any other over the last half-decade. We can't wait to see you. 

We've got a lot more details on the way, but here's the first big one... ROCK! We'll do a live show before the lottery happens with the one and only child of The Process, Robert Covington* 

The Rights To Ricky Sanchez donates all profits from the 2018 Lottery Party to our two charity beneficiaries (the same goes for the very limited VIP tickets), The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and Justice Rescue. Every cent. Here are the details!

Date: Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

Time: 5pm until the end of time

Place: XFINITY Live!

Ages: ALL, as always. 

Details: We'll do a live podcast before the Lottery happens with our guy, Robert Covington.* You'll once again be able to take your picture with Rebel (for a $5 charity donation), or (and) take a photo with the Sam Hinkie retirement banner (also for a $5 donation). A lot more crazy stuff on the way. 


* $5 were on sale to the general public on March 23rd at 10am. They sold out in a couple of hours. We're hoping to have another limited block of tickets closer to the party. 

* $99 very limited VIP ticket. With the VIP ticket you get: access to the VIP lounge upstairs at XFINITY Live!, a full buffet from 6p-8p, unlimited beer and wine from 6p-9p), a photo with Robert Covington, and an autograph from Robert Covington. We can't stress how few of these tickets there are. These tickets are available for all ages but the price is the same and anyone under 21 will not have access to the beer and wine (plenty of soda though!). 

* If the Sixers are in the Conference Finals and Covington can not appear that will be the greatest bummer of all time and we'll figure it out. Greatest meaning "most awesome" bummer. Like, we'll take it.