Bark In The Park 2020

Bark In The Park 2020 Feature.png


We’ve got the annual Providence Animal Center Bark In The Park on October 24th (it’s virtual this year), which means we’ve got the Ricky run team. With Covid crushing their ability to do events and fundraise, Providence needs us more than ever.

Very simple, join the team right here, raise at least $50 (you can raise more), get the shirt (see flames, skulls, dogs). You don’t have to pick it up this year if you don’t want to, we’ll send it to you. We raised $15,000 last year, so I’d like to get to $10,000 this year. A huge thank you to Big Barker and LL Pavorsky for buying the shirts and sponsoring the team.

The shirt is designed by the awesome Michael Pfeffer. It’s pretty evil. Full art is below. Did I mention to join the team?

I’ll tell people where I’m running on the 24th, so if you’d like to join me for a socially distant run, we’ll make it happen.

Bark in the Park 2020.png