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[12.09.17] Simmons vs. Ingram, Embiid vs. McConnell, NBA On-Court Fashions


Here is where you find the Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast.

[12.09.17] Simmons vs. Ingram, Embiid vs. McConnell, NBA On-Court Fashions

Brett Eskin

RTRS Feature 120917.jpg

Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram met again, and Ingram got the better of it this time. How does that matchup look moving forward? We look at what went wrong in the home losses this week, and a rousing mailbag including a potential fistfight with Joel Embiid and TJ McConnell.

Andrew Unterberger joined us to eulogize the Nik Stauskas era, but due to a computer error, it's gone! So read his piece here. 

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