Big Barker Process Pups

We are proud to partner up with Big Barker dog beds to present to you the Dogs of The Ricky, or the Process Pups. Big Barker dog beds are Big Barker is the first therapeutic mattress designed for dogs over 50 lbs (they have great, smaller beds for dogs under 50 pounds too!  Engineered by experts to keep dogs youthful for longer, and brings older dogs back to their best.

Rebel sleeps on a special Rights To Ricky Sanchez Big Barker, and your dog can too! Go to, and from now till the end of the year, they’ll donate $50 per bed to the Providence Animal Center in Media. Send us a picture of your dog on his or her Big Barker at, and we'll feature the photo in the gallery with a short bio.


Rebel Big Barker.PNG

Rebel (Springfield, PA via Aruba)

Rebel is a four year-old Arubian Cunucu that lives with his parents Spike and Valerie in Springfield, Delaware County. Rebel is a simple guy, who loves his parents, taking walks, carrots, cantaloupe, and doesn't hate getting a bath as much as he used to. He comes to Spike and Valerie thanks to the great people at ARF Aruba, who can help you adopt an Arubian dog as well.

Process Pup Jesse.jpg

Jesse (Kennet Square, PA)

Jesse is a 5 year old Wire Fox Terrier who enjoys Brett Brown postgame press conferences and chasing squirrels. Jesse was re-homed 3 times in his first year but has been with his parents Zach and Lauren since 2014. His favorite Sixer is TJ McConnell, his favorite burner is enoughunkownsources, and he loves lounging on his Barker Jr.!


Nox (San Diego, CA)

Nox is a very cool name, but this little guy’s name was almost TJ if his dad had his way. Nox was found wandering the streets of Mexico, looking for extra second round picks. He was found and adopted, and now lives with his mom and dad in San Diego. Nox loves his Big Barker, but also loves Frosty Paws ice-cream, his Kong toy and frisbees. He’s a fan of naps, car rides, tug of war, and play time, especially with other pups. 

Process Pup Figo.jpeg

Figo (Mexico)

We don’t know anything about Figo, other than Figo is clearly a good dog.

Process Pup Piper.jpg

Piper (Feasterville, PA)

Piper is a 2-3 year old American Staffordshire/Border Collie mix who was abandoned in South Carolina and rescued by Wet Nose Rescue in Feasterville, PA.  When we met her it was love at first sight.  Piperloves playing fetch, cuddling, and sleeping on her Big Barker Bed.  She still can’t believe Dario came over or that the picks swapped.

Process Pup Tonka.jpg

Tonka (Lawrenceville, NJ)

Tonka is an Old School Chevy, a seven-year-old, 90-lbs Borador (Lab and Border Collie mix), who was rescued from North Carolina after his original owners passed away to make a fresh start in Lawrenceville, NJ. With his shiny coat and veteran presence, he excels at shepherding the youth and playing fetch.  

Process Pup Jazz.jpeg

Jazz (South Jersey)

Introducing 2018-19 Process Pup Rookie of the Year candidate, Jazz. Donovan Mitchell couldn’t take home the award last year, so Utah can take some consolation in her success this upcoming season. Jazz is a friendly and charismatic 6-year-old English Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix that lives with her Process Trusting family in South Jersey. Jazz’s favorite Process Sixers are Jerami Grant, Tony Wroten and of course Joel Embiid. Jazz maintains her support for Sam Hinkie and through it all she plans to stay a believer.

Process Pup Lilly.jpeg

Lilly (Audubon, PA)

A truster through and through, Lilly is a rescue from Delco SPCA (now Providence Animal Shelter) as a 10 week old puppy. Lil’ is now 4 years old living in Audubon, PA with her caregiver, Joe. Lil’ is truly the TJ of dogs. As an undersized pitbull-terrier (mix) she is incredibly obedient and playful and will always leave you with a smile. When morale is low Lil comes to you with the wettest licks on the face. She’s even trained to slap the floor before getting a treat. Hopefully this Big Barker works and Lil will reek havoc for eternity. See you at the Bark in the Park in October!

Maggie (Parts Unknown)

Maggie is a 12 year old pointer bay. She loves to roam the woods and watch the Sixers from her Big Barker perch. Maggie has a small TTP tattoo above her left dewclaw.

Process Pup Roofus.jpg

Roofus (Orlando, FL)

Roofus is a 14 year old chocolate lab who just completed a move from Elkins Park to Orlando in exchange for a fake first round draft pick and 3 milk bones. His favorite players are Joel Embiid, who he thinks will win MVP, and JJ Redick, because Roofus's game has also aged like a fine wine. He loves sleeping on his Big Barker which he says is softer than Hassan Whiteside.

Process Pup Roxy Cat.png

Roxy & Friends (Palo Alto, CA)



Roxy is a thirteen year old weimaraner who loves taking long walks with her mom (she is indifferent towards dad). She drove across the country with her parents and now lives in California. She loves laying out in the sun, but still misses hunting squirrels in Washington Square. The Big Barker bed gives her a place to rest her tired hips comfortably, so she can continue taking long walks through her retirement!

Process Pup Max.jpeg

Max (Canberra, Australia)

My name is Max (Max wrote this - ed.) and I am an 11 year old English Staffordshire Bull Terrier who lives with his Dad Matt, Mum Lauren and his little brothers Mitchell and Oliver just outside of Canberra, Australia.
My Dad and Mum recently got me a Big Barker and I love it, nearly as much as eating chicken necks and running around the backyard. We all love the Sixers especially Ben and TJ.


Process Pup Harper.jpg

Harper (Parts Unknown)

Harper is a 6 month old Golden Lab. She went from homeless to process and enjoys bed time stories of the MCW trade. She hopes to see the picks swap just once in her lifetime and is convinced that Hinkie is the one that leaked Colangelo’s burner accounts.

We can't get over what a good dog Harper is. 

Process Pup Gus.jpeg

Gus (Parts Unknown)

Gus is a true process pup. He has watched all 82 games with his dad. 

Nola (Plumsteadville, PA)

Nola is a process pup who loves watching the Sixers with her mom/  She also enjoys listening to the podcasts on their morning or evening walks.  Mom makes sure to walk with no earphones so that Nola can listen in.  She loves all the Sixers but especially Embiid

Process Pup Oscar.PNG

Oscar D. Pug (Lancaster, PA)

Oscar is a 9 year-old Pug. He's a little top-heavy, so the Big Barker Junior is good for his joints.

His favorite bands are Nickelback and Daughtry and his favorite Process-era Sixer is Danny Granger.

Process Pup Ruthie.png

Ruthie (Philadelphia, PA)

Ruthie is an 11 month old Bloodhound, Plott Hound, Lab mix.  She loves to howl, whine, chew, sniff, and watch Summer League.  She tells anyone that will listen that Markelle Fultz' jump shot will be fine. She is looking forward to many years of retreating back to her Big Barker while her dad yells at the TV during Sixers and Eagles games.

Process Pup Sunny.jpg

Sunny (Vorhees, NJ)

Sunny is a 4-year-old Sheltie.  She is the smartest most loving dog the great LL Pavorsky and his family have ever had.  She loves everyone but is a Mommy's girl till the end.  At a young age, Sunny suffered a terrible attack by a bulldog and had to undergo reconstructive surgery and months of rehab.  She has made a complete recovery so much so that you would never know she almost didn't make it.  She absolutely loves her Big Barker bed and especially loves the Ricky upgrade. She is, of course, a big Sixers fan!

Process Pup Nelly.jpeg

Nellie (Carlisle, PA)

Nellie is a 60-lb mix of who knows what (we think there’s some Shar-Pei in there somewhere).  She’s almost 13-years old and couldn’t wait to try out her Big Barker!  Her parents rescued her back in 2005 as a puppy from a local shelter.  She’s a total Process Truster and loves Joel Embiid. When her parents heard about Big Barker dog beds on the Ricky they knew they had to give them a try. Nellie’s glad we did!

Process Pups Brand and Ella.jpg

Brandy & Ella (Manahawkin, NJ)

These Process Pups are Brandy (12 years old) and Ella (just turned 1)! Brandy needed a new bed to energize those old legs so she can stop doing her best Ersan impression by falling on the hardwood 3-4 times a day. It's a bonus that Ella enjoys the new bed too so she can experience a great bed for a future that's just as bright as the Sixers'. 

Process Pup Sir Charles.jpeg

Sir Charles Barkley (New York, NY)

Sir Charles is a four month old shepherd mix from Antigua.  After being drafted with the help of the Animal Haven shelter at 3 months old and 9 pounds, Barkley shot down the rumors that he would never come over and took advantage of his parents’ nutrition and strength program to pack on 9 pounds of muscle in the off-season.   Barkley loves to mix it up with dogs five times his size on the streets of New York City.  Though he wasn’t around for the Hinkie era, Barkley’s dad regals him with naptime stories of Hollis Thompson, Arnett Moultrie, and Chu Chu Maduabum every day on his Barker Junior.

Process Pup Riptide Franklin.jpeg

Riptide Franklin (Conshohocken, PA)

Riptide Franklin, the goodest boy, is a two-year-old blue nose pitt bull mix. Named after the street shark Ripster/the ocean & his favorite blue mascot, @SixersFranklin. Included in the Jahlil Okafor trade in December, he was rescued from Newark, NJ Humane Society thanks to @passionforpitties

Now living the yard life in Conshy as a process pup with his comfy Big Barker bed and salmon dinners. Riptide bleeds green, trusts the process and reminds everyone the picks swapped.

Process Pup Lindy.jpg

Lindy (Wenersville, PA)

Lindy is a two year old golden retriever/black lab mix who was recently adopted from friends of the Ricky charity Justice Rescue. When she's not on her Big Barker Dog bed she acts as a 60 lb lap dog and flumps around just like her favorite Sixer, Dario!

Process Pup Rusty 2.jpg

Rusty (Cape Cod, MA)

Rusty is a 1 year old red fox lab. He loves playing fetch, lick(face)ing strangers, swimming in the ocean and rough housing with other pups.  Rusty is deep in Celtics country and he often humps other dogs without mercy in the neighborhood until they say the name. After a big day of activity, Rusty loves curling up on his Big Barker to dream up New Slants. 

Process Pup Sixer.jpg

Sixer (Wilmington, DE)

Sixer got his brand new Big Barker on his 7th birthday on 6/9 (nice). He got it a few hours after the most tumultuous 10-day span in 76ers history ended with Bryan Colangelo hitting the road. He was able to relax in relief in full comfort. With a 2.5 year old human brother and another baby Process truster on the way in December, he may be the only one in the house to get a peaceful night's sleep. 

Process Pup Bruiser.jpg

Bruiser (Willingboro, NJ)

Bruiser, much like his spirit animal TJ McConnell, is an excitable little terrier who plays extremely hard. After a long day of guarding (the yard) for 94 feet, Bruiser needs a comfortable bed to relax. The Barker Junior has been a perfect fit for this 12-year old Patterdale Terrier! Bruiser loves napping nearly as much as he loves chasing small animals, games of his tug, and his salmon treats. Trust it!

Process Pup Buddy.jpg

Buddy (Cincinnati, OH)

The tenacity and comparable size in the dog world of TJ McConnell, the anxiety of Markelle Fultz, and the confidence of Joel Embiid, Buddy is a 13 year-old Yorkie.  While Buddy’s dad is from Philly, he is not only Ohio born and raised, he believes that he’s the real king, and that the Process does not need LeBron.  He might not be able to slap the hardwood, but he’s not afraid to pee on it.

Process Pup Ozzy.jpg

Ozzy (Charleston, SC)

Ozzy is an Anatolian Shepherd but most importantly a diehard process truster. As you can see he is still a little angry over the sixers selling 2nd round picks for cash.

Process Pup Andy.jpg

Andy (Brewerytown, Philadelphia)

Andy was adopted from Lucky Dog DC in 2015 and has logged more meaningful minutes as a Sixer than Bynum . This OG process pup has seen some bad basketball withhis Dad and Mom. You can find Andy out for runs in Fairmount or playing fetch at baseball fields in Brewerytown. When he's not out and about he is asleep on his new Big Barker bed.

Process Pup Maddox.jpg

Maddox (Malvern, PA)

Maddox is an (almost) two-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback that has looked this worried since he heard Ben Simmons won't switch hands in the offseason. He lives iwith Julia and EJ, he loves to eat, sleep, go for runs, and manipulate humans into giving him food and/or attention. His favorite Sixer is Dario because he reminds Maddox of what it was like growing into all 85 pounds of his body; clumsiness and flailing. 

Process Pup Samuel Utley Before and After.jpg

Samuel Utley (Mechanicsburg, PA)

Sam wouldn’t get on his new bed for a while because he’s not allowed in furniture and his dad thinks he felt guilty because it seemed too comfy for him to be allowed on.  Now he lives on it and his hips seem to be improving.  Thanks Big Barker!

Process Pup Casper.jpg

Casper (Philadelphia, PA)

Casper is a good girl. She's from Pittsburgh just like our favorite #PointGod TJ McConnell. She's clearly been lisntening to the pod when her dad Evan is not around because she's perfected the art of #lickface and knows how to enjoy a sport in Philadelphia. 

Process Pup Cooper.jpg

Cooper (Washington, DC)

Cooper is a 12 year-old rescue, who is a lab-pit mix. He loves corner threes, TJ, and has a great spirit, as coach Brett Brown would say. He's never coming over. 

Process Pup Donovan.jpeg

Donovan (Philadelphia, PA)

Donovan is a good boy who likes tummy rubs and showing his impressive vert when his brother comes to visit, but also a bad boy who breaks into the pantry and eats cookies and granola bars when he's home by himself. His Big Barker Jr. is the perfect place for him to think about what he's done. He was retroactively named after Rookie of the Year Donovan Mitchell and he thinks the podcast is trash.


Crosby (Collegeville, PA)

Crosby is a one-year-old pitbull mix from Collegeville, PA. His favorite activity is story time with Dad, which usually features a history lesson on "The Process." He feels a strong sense of anemoia for the Hinkie days, and his favorite Sixer is Justin Anderson (because they both look very, very tough)


Elvis (Lower Merion, PA)

Elivs, adopted from the Providence Animal Shelter, is mostly a short haired Black Lab. He'ss a bundle of love, joy and playfulness, and we have no idea what life was like before him!  He is among the most popular creatures in Lower Merion Township, and is considering a run for Commissioner!  Elvis learned quickly to TTP, and thinks next season that Jonah Bolden will provide some of the athleticism and above the rim play we could use.  He just wishes the games ended earlier so he could sleep on his Big Barker at a reasonable hour! 

Process Pup Hercules.jpg

Hercules (Parts Unknown)

Hercules is a ten month old Boxer.
He was once a Jah truther, but now has turn his attention to Richaun Holmes. He’s a hard nose, constantly in your face, never tired, never leaving you alone energy bunny, so he’s definitely a TJ guy. And of course a good boy. 

Process Pup Maggie.jpg

Maggie (Marlton, NJ)

Maggie is a 5-year old mix (equal parts Chow, Akita, German Shepherd, French Bulldog, English Springer Spaniel, according to her DNA test) from Marlton, NJ by way of Tucson, Arizona. TJ McConnell is her favorite player, and she paws the floor in his honor. 

Process Pup Hallie.jpeg

Hallie (Chester County, PA)

Hallie (short for Halladay) is a six year-old golden retriever from Chester County, PA. She enjoys hanging out with her younger sister Charlotte, who she sometimes lets on her bed (as pictured). Her favorite hobby is chewing on rocks, which is fitting because her favorite Sixer is Rock Covington.

Process Pup Nelly.jpeg

Nelly (Gladwyne, PA)

Nelly is a  10 year old Goldendoodle who lives in Gladwyne, PA. Nelly has trusted the process the entire time, and was a great source of comfort during the early years of the process. Her favorite player is Rock Covington and she will stand up to all of his haters. She loves watching her Sixers on her Big Barker dog bed, because it’s the official dog bed of The Process.

Process Pup Mortie.jpeg

Mortimer (Selma, CA)

Mortie is a 4 and a half year old Olde English Bulldogge, who lives with his best friend and owner Marcus. He, of course, loves to sleep, eat, and play, but he will also just sit on the couch with Marcus and watch television, most notably sports, and most notably the Sixers. It's believed his favorite player are Joel Embiid and Dario Saric, but he has yet to say this out loud. He's a good boy. 

Process Pup Corbin.jpg

Corbin (Wayne, PA)

Corbin is a 9 ½ year old French Bulldog.  He’s getting old but he’s still a frisky dude.  He’s been a copilot for two cross country moves.  He came up on the streets of New York, but has since seen the plains of the Midwest, the Rocky Mountains, the deserts of the Southwest, sunk his paws into the sandy beaches of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and is now settled in the Philly ‘Burbs.  He’s survived a rattlesnake bite, a scorpion sting, and back surgery.  However, as you can see, nothing keeps this guy down for long.  He deserves a nice bed (and we think he may need a bigger one)!

Process Pup Rocky.jpg

Rocky (Lancaster, PA)

Rocky is a three year-old boxer who enjoys being outside and playing fetch. Rocky loves Joel Embiid and emphatically awaits a floor slap this playoffs from a 76er. Rocky has hip dysplasia and general joint pain, so when his dad Andrew listened to the podcast and heard about Big Barker he knew what he had to do. Rocky loves his new bed!

Process Pup Udi.jpg

Udi (Needham, MA)

Udi is a six-year-old APBT/Mastiff mix who has lived with his dad, DJ, since he was rescued from the City of Hartford Animal Shelter in late 2012. Udi's favorite Process-era Sixer is fellow "junkyard dog," Tony Wroten, as evidenced by the awe-inspiring effort he exerts on defense anytime he sees somebody dribbling a basketball. Udi once took a five-hour road trip from Hartford, CT to Philadelphia just so that his dad could chant "one, six, eleven!" and offer unprovoked cheers for Vlade Divac in May of 2015. 

Process Pup Bodhi.jpg

Bodhi (Philadelphia, PA)

Bodhi is a 7-year-old black lab-pit bull mix rescued via the East Community Action Network in Nashville, TN. He enjoys long walks around Fairmount, treats, and T.J. McConnell picking guys up full court. He, of course, trusts the process.

Process Pup Carson.jpeg

Carson (Douglassville, PA)

Carson is a five month old Australian Shepherd/Labradoodle mix who lives with his parents Matt and Sharon in Douglassville, PA. His favorite activities include fetching, tug of war, receiving belly rubs, and plenty of #lickface. His favorite player is Ben Simmons, as they’re both Australian. (Editor's note: look at that smile! What a good boy!)

Process Pup Fletcher.jpg

Fletcher (Wilmington, DE)

Fletcher is Process-trusting mixed breed, adopted from the Delaware Humane Association. He came to Delaware from Texas (likely as a part of the Nerlens trade). Fletch enjoys chasing after bunnies, walking around the park, and watching the Sixers win playoff series in 5.

Process Pup Ellie.jpeg

Ellie (Philadelphia, PA)

Ellie is an Old English Sheepdog that's still a puppy - she's only seven months old, but will soon grow to take up the entire bed. She's a huge Philly sports fan - along with her new bed, she has a Phillies jersey and Eagles football. Ellie's favorite Sixers player is J.J. Redick, as his ability to catch and shoot is perfect for playing fetch. 


Jaxx (Parts Unknown)

Jaxx is an eight Year old Australian Sheppard. He's got two X's because he is two times the fun. Jaxx loves people, is on a RAW food diet and is a four for four dog due to getting treats when good things happen during games. He's often seen on his brother's Instagram account. Jaxx got his Big Barker before the Ricky logo version, but he does trust the process.