[04.22.17] NBA Playoffs & Amos Lee Guests

Mike was unavailable this week on a secret mission, so we went to the bullpen and grabbed Ricky Theme singer Amos Lee to co-host. We discuss the NBA Playoffs, Lowry as a Sixer and the Lottery Party.

Lottery Party Details and Tickets

The Process is dead! Long live The Process! The official Rights To Ricky Sanchez Lottery Party is May 16th at 6pm at XFINITY Live! Tickets are sold out. All the other details are here, including info on maybe more tickets.

Lottery Party T-Shirts

The Lottery Party shirts are pretty sick this year! There are three different designs, two which involve gravestones and orchards, and one that involves the Nerlens trade. Our proceeds for all of the shirts benefit our charities. Buy them now!