[12.03.16] Scheduling Retweet Armageddon

Retweet Armageddon is definitely coming, the big question is when? We discuss your ideas and come up with some solutions. We also discuss the new Sports Illustrated piece on Sam Hinkie, and the Twin Towers.

[11.27.16] The Week In Sixers And Twitter Questions

We recap the win over the Heat, the close loss to the Grizzlies, the terrible loss to the Bulls, and take a bunch of questions from Twitter instead of saying we're going to and not doing it.

[11.19.16] The Return Of Nik Stauskas

Just when everyone (most notably Spike) had just about given up on Nik Stauskas, he rose from the ashes and looks like a player. At the same time, Robert Covington can't hit a shot. What's going on with both of them?